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Reflections from Detroit and book by Franky Schaeffer

Was at Kirk of the Savior in suburb of Detroit Oct 21. It was founded in 1960 on Cherry Hill road. About 60 in worship and 7 blocks from an islamic center. a few were asking good questions about how to share their faith. On the way back picked up a book at Fran’s by Franky Schaeffer called Crazy for God. I spent 3 months at l’Abri in 1979 but the Schaeffers were off promoting the film series “Whatever happened to the Human Race” The book is very critical of his parents and other Christian leaders, but does hold up how L’abri was open to all. We are all marred people, tainted by sin. Their writings, Edith’s on L’Abri helped me get into Fran’s more heavier works, helped me immensely and I loved the community ( but for family troubles at home in the USA I almost put down roots there) and I appreciated Priscilla and John Sandri. Other than a real personal interest in the Schaeffer’s and L’Abri I don’t recommend the book.
But it does show Franky’s view and faults of his parents. We hold this treasure of the Gospel in clay pots!!!


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