I didn’t see Clint Eastwood and the chair at the Republican convention but many have commented on it. So I searched and here it is. It is rambling, a little disjointed. In some ways he tackles all politicians, but it is our country and we all have a responsibility to pray and to vote and to

 seek the Kingdom of God. Many have died before us for the right to elect our leaders, for us to have the freedom of the vote. So as Michelle said last night: vote. The issues before this country are not easy. In some ways Obama is right, we didn’t build it. Everything we have received is a gift. The Constitution is a gift. Our inalienable rights are a gift. But we are to build on the foundation others have laid for us. But it is the freedom of opportunity. The Psalmist says “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.” Both parties forget that. I recommend “When Helping Hurts”. Early in the book it hit me to repent and say God forgive us. A century ago the social gospel/evangelical debate caused the evangelical wing to abandon the church’s role in social justice ie Luke 4. And where the church stepped out, the government stepped in. There was a false dichotomy which led many of us to abandon the public sphere. Luke 4 and John 3 need to be held together. And in II Chron 7:14 we are called to repent, to turn from our wicked ways. It also begins with humility to acknowledge our complacency, whatever and the promise is that God will heal our land and forgive our sin. Peter said judgment begins at the house of the Lord. God help us to be salt and light. And as Clint closed
“Make My Day”.

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